Transform IT Employee Development Plans


Comerica Incorporated is a financial services company strategically aligned by three business segments: The Business Bank, The Retail Bank, and Wealth Management. Comerica reported total assets of $71 billion. With more than 434 banking centers, Comerica is one of the 25 largest financial institutions in North America. Comerica Bank locations can be found in Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan, with select businesses operating in several other states, as well as in Canada and Mexico. Comerica is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


Comerica’s Computer Technology and Innovation group (ComTech), consisting of Product Development, Program & Project Management, Infrastructure Operations, Architecture, Engineering, and Business Unit Risk disciplines, faced a number of challenges.

First, in an attempt to better mirror the technology marketplace, the ComTech organization was migrating to an Agile development model from a model and organization based on Waterfall. A complex transition, roles and responsibilities, structures, functions, and processes were changing quickly. Additionally, ComTech was realigning around platforms and products and moving away from a project-centric management model.