Your business, talent, and training goals anchor our custom training solutions.

A cornerstone of our approach integrates and balances the goals of key stakeholders: business, talent, and training leaders, and the employees themselves. Our business alignment activities help us build training for worthwhile and measurable learning and business results.

What goals do business stakeholders have?

  • Clearly define performance/proficiency requirements

  • Shorten time to performance

  • Improve the consistency of performance between regions, offices, teams, etc.

  • Ensure people can implement a strategy, tactic, or change

  • Improve the quality of a product or service

  • Increase the volume or amount of a product, component, or service delivered

  • Reduce the cost of a product, component, or service

  • Eliminate post-training “job shock” (don’t shift the burden to the business)

  • Establish a clear development roadmap

  • Reduce turnover

  • Improve bench strength

  • Support the rollout of new systems or technologies

What goals do talent and training stakeholders have?

  • Clearly articulate what training is needed

  • Measure and demonstrate the value of training

  • Diversify the offering; expand the use of different modalities and blended instruction

  • Develop training that is engaging

  • Adapt training to varied audiences

  • Develop training that changes behavior (and performance)

  • Modernize learning strategy

  • Maximize the benefit of a limited budget

  • Find quality resources

  • Make training easy and cost-effective to maintain

What goals do employees have?

  • Don’t waste time

  • Make things simple, and easy to find

  • Make sure training relates to my work; is relevant to my development

  • Provide a clearly articulated development experience

  • Make sure training is interesting, relevant, and engaging

  • Make the development path easy to understand and follow; single source

  • Make sure training is concise

  • Provide training that feels modern