Make Training Relevant and Engaging

Our contention is simple: Training that attends to the business context, the work, and the employee will be relevant – an essential step to making training engaging.

Training that’s not relevant garners complaints like these (1):

  • It didn’t interest me

  • I couldn’t see how I would use it

  • There was little or no practice

  • There was little or no feedback to me personally on what I did

  • A lot of filler

  • I was a passive listener most of the time

  • There were few if any, examples that I understood

With some consideration of modality, relevant training needs very few adornments. It can be simple, clean, and to the point. In our experience, as content moves away from the work context, the work itself, and the employee, the more it must rely on creating engagement through tricks, flashiness, and bells and whistles.

Building your Best Employee: Learning Strategies that Drive Results

(1) The list was adapted from Telling Ain’t Training, by Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps, p. 51