They’re Trained, But Can They Perform?

Why is there a significant gap between being trained and being able to perform?

Several reasons come to mind (1):

  • Long stretches of uninterrupted content – making it challenging to remember content from only a few hours ago

  • Poorly organized content

  • Content that’s too advanced, irrelevant, or distracting

  • Need more opportunities for relevant, realistic practice

  • A lack of quality feedback

  • No, or minimal support back at the job

Here are some things that will help:

  • Focus on performance

  • Build performance incrementally

  • Gradually increase complexity and difficulty

  • Engineer authentic practice

Everyone can perform better – and to do so, they need a lot of practice. Here are some reasons why (2):

  • It takes time and effort to connect to what a person already knows and build on it.

  • When the brain gets overloaded (too much content, distracting content, etc.), people forget.

  • Employees need to use what they learn.

Building your Best Employee: Learning Strategies that Drive Results

(1) Adapted from the book Learning Paths: Increase Profits by Reducing the Time it Takes Employees to Get Up To Speed, by Jim Williams and Steve Rosenbaum

(2) Adapted from the book Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning, by Patti Shank, PhD